Grass Fed Beef - All Natural

We think the best beef in the world is the all natural grass fed beef from our happy cows.

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Chicken Eggs and Duck Eggs - Pasture Raised

Our pasture raised chickens and ducks have full access to our property allowing them to forage naturally.  Our chicken eggs come in a range of colours from blue to green to brown. Our duck eggs range from beige to black.

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Our bees live in hives on our property and provide us fresh raw honey. Our small batch honey has different flavours depending on when in the season it was harvested.

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This is our newest addition to the farm. We raised 4 pigs in 2019. We are happy to welcome our 3 Kunekune pigs in spring 2020. Our pork is limited until they grow and breed.

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Happy Animals - Born and Raised Naturally here is Alton, Ontario

We are grateful to live in such an beautiful place and have the opportunity to care for our awesome Lowline Angus beef cows, cute pigs, fabulous chickens and busy bees.

Try some delicious locally born and raised food!


bee and flower

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